SFS: Block List

This site takes the data from Stop Forum Spam and transforms it into block lists that you can use with your web server(s). The goal is to allow you to utilize the Stop Forum Spam's lists when your paticular application doesn't support or have a plugin for Stop Forum Spam. To do this we download a copy of the IP lists from Stop Forum Spam's website and use a converter to transform it into the applicable format. All of our files are cached, and update on the time frames allowed by the Stop Forum Spam shown on there download page.


What is Toxic?

The data provided represents what we believe will only ever be used to abuse. As such, you would be very unlikely to see valid content from these addresses.

So What is Stop Forum Spam?

Stop Forum Spam is a free service that records reports of spam on forums, blogs and wikis. All these records are then made available to you. You can search and view these reports. Most importantly you can access these reports in an automated way to block suspected spammers. Stop Forum Spam is a targeted and specialsed solution to help stop abuse of your website that bypass other methods of prevention.

... or more simply?

Stop Forum Spam provides details of those reported as spammers. Spammers being those that persist in abusing forums and blogs with their scams, ripoffs, exploits and other annoyances.  Stop Forum Spam provides these lists so that you don't have to endure the never ending job of having to moderate, filter and delete their rubbish.